+++ Family First +++

My family comes first in my life.  They are what inspire me to always push myself and challenge my abilities every day.  I will continue on my path of distinction in my profession so that I can provide the best life possible for them.  Audrey, Alexa and Fox, and Phoenix drive me towards my pursuit of excellence.

+++ Team Stratton +++

Brian T. Stratton      - CEO- Chief Entrepreneurial Officer 

Audrey Stratton       - CSO- Chief Support Officer

Alexa Stratton          - CBO- Chief Beauty Officer

Fox Stratton             - CAO- Chief Awesome Officer

Phoenix Stratton     - CCO- Chief Cuteness Officer

+++ Mission Statement +++

My mission is to create artistic Home Resorts TM that bring joy to everyone who experiences them.

Brian T. Stratton is an award-winning licensed Landscape Architect in New Jersey with over 16 years of landscape architecture and design experience. I graduated with High Honors from Rutgers University with a degree in Landscape Architecture. My technical civil engineering knowledge and experience along with  artistic talents, create the perfect harmony for the creation of stunning landscapes. I chose to specialize in the discipline of residential landscape architecture due to the amount of creative freedom and meaningful personal relationships that develop when dealing with homeowners as clients. I am also happy designing for commercial, municipal, public, and religious properties of all shapes and sizes.

+++ Brian's Skill Set +++

My professional title is "Licensed Landscape Architect".  But what makes for an exceptional Landscape Architect ?

I am not your ordinary Landscape Architect / Designer.  I have been working full throttle since I was 12 years old at educating myself and learning as many skills as possible.  This relentless effort to better myself is one of the main reasons I have been able to differentiate myself in the profession of Landscape Architecture.

I feel that it is important for my clients to understand who I am as a person, what my interests are, and how my wide variety of mastered skills are amazing assets for any client / project.

+ Civil Engineering - The most influential skill relating to Landscape Architecture.  For over 10 years, I worked for a Civil Engineering firm part time and full time during both high school and college.  I was exposed to all aspects of site design, surveying, site work, etc.  The knowledge and experience that I gained at an extremely early age serve as the foundation to every project I work on.

+ Entrepreneur - I thrive on the freedom of being my own boss.  Running your own business[s] to support your family is a very risky endeavor and is not for the faint of heart. Mastery of a huge  well rounded skill set is required to be a successful businessman.  Above all, honesty and integrity always prevail.

+ Laborer- I am proud to say that I have been "in the trenches".  Since I was young, I have utilized my work ethic to build all sorts of things with my hands and body.  I can run next to the day laborers that build my projects all day long.  Before people develop knowledge and skills, all they have is their body as a valuable asset.  I have put mine to work for my entire life and I can say that more than anything, hard work and sweat has given me a work ethic that can never be taken away.  

+ Photographer- Photography is a true passion of mine.  My favorite subjects are my children of course.  Capturing those amazing moments in life is priceless. Photographing my work is an amazing reward and brings me much pride.  These photographs are a testament to all the hours and effort that goes into any given project.  "A photo says a thousand words" is a great quote.  Well, my website has over 500 photos of my work.  At the bottom of my website you will see a couple galleries that showcase my flower and food photography. 

+ Venetian Plaster- For 5 years while growing my Landscape Architecture practice, I performed the ancient art of Venetian Plaster.  Venetian Plaster is a limestone and marble wall plaster that dates back to the Renaissance.  I had the opportunity to work in amazing homes and apply my artistry to their walls.  

Artist- My interest in art started when I was a toddler and will continue for the remainder of my life.  I just love creating things that are beautiful and interesting.  I have created many abstract compositions utilizing venetian plaster as a medium.  My artwork is highly textural and uses a medium that is incredibly unique.

+ Landscape Contractor- For three years, I ran my own design/build landscape firm.  I became frustrated as I barely had time to design, what I love to do most, therefore, I no longer perform any landscape construction.  This experience gave me insight as to what it takes to get these projects built.  I have personally built most of what I design.  This is extremely unique in my profession.

+ Graphic / Web Designer- I do all of the graphic design and website design for my businesses.  I love creating graphics that grab the eye and say what I want them to say.  My websites are powerful tools, and the ability to get found on the web is no small feat.

+ Landscape Lighting- Now that LED lighting systems are perfected, I pick and choose projects that I would like to install for my clients.  It is a great way to get some time out of the studio and just turn of my brain and work.  Most of all, landscape lighting is truly the "icing on the cake" for any project, and I love helping my clients make this happen.

+ Landscape Audio- I love installing landscape audio systems for my clients.  This is the cherry on top for making an outdoor living area feel like a resort. 

+ Builder- I designed and built my family our dream home.  The biggest challenge of my life, and by far the most rewarding. 

+++ Contact Information +++

Brian's Cellphone  :  973.920.7266

Brian's Email  :  briantstratton@hotmail.com

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